Blog PGIJS 2020

Exhibit the Gamut of Exquisite Jewellery Collections at Penang’s First International Jewellery Show 2020

26 Feb,2020


Penang International Jewellery show (PGIJS) is the first international jewellery event in Penang to provide a one-stop platform for all the gold jewellery manufacturers, traders, retailers and jewellery designers who’re seeking to explore and rediscover business opportunities in the given sector. It is an apt platform providing an unlimited business opportunity to the jewellery industry. The exhibition will boast itself as a premier event exploring opportunities at a larger scale bringing all the skilled craftsmen and excellent jewellery stakeholders under one roof. The jewellery show is organized to display creative design and effectively communicate the brand messages, meet potential clients and generate immediate sales through a unique & innovative exhibition. 

The organizer have strategized to open a vibrant and exciting golden alley which will witness the in-trend gold jewellery designs developed with updated mechanical technologies introduced by manufacturers and jewellers. The Penang International Jewellery Show is an initiative and one step forward in the direction to promote Malaysia as the world's best jewellery trading center, eventually evolving to become the world's top ten exporters by volume.

It is basically a platform for exhibitors to advertise and sell the products. Besides, there is a good chance for exhibitors to promote their launching products to the public at one go. It will have immense support and acknowledgment from the global jewellery associations, delegates, and professional buyers. The exhibition is brought into existence to help and assist the gold and jewellery industry in Malaysia to get an ideal platform, in order to exchange ideas and experiences face to face along with exploring the networking opportunities.

PGIJS 2020 is trying to make the exhibitors feel the pulse of the world market through the event by providing opportunities for Malaysian local jewellers, trades, and exhibitors. With the cut-throat competition in every segment, It’s important to network and obtain market knowledge by attending informative shows and events like this and have a view on the latest world class jewellery collections. Jewellers from around the world are gathering at PGIJS 2020 to grab the opportunity and penetrate into the Malaysian market.
The first Jewellery Show is all set to showcase all kinds of fine gold jewellery offering unique, contemporary and traditional styles at one plate. The event aims to promote the jewellery sector far and wide. The event would be of interest to manufacturers, traders, retailers and jewellery designers from Penang and worldwide. 

The international event is focused to promote the jewellery industry and aims to increase sales by promoting Malaysia as the jewellery hub. A lot of local Jewellers and goldsmith from Penang will be taking part in the exhibition from 
and around  Campbell Street Market, Cintra Street, and Pitt Street as these places are considered the best when it comes to best jewellers and jewellery design.

The event supports by promoting all the jewellery industry professionals excelling in their given field who’re using the latest technologies and inventions related to the specific industry. With an aim to bring together all the industry stakeholders under one platform, the event is an extensive opportunity and can be used as a medium to broaden international networks and relationships, globally. 

It is a medium to provide a unique platform for jewellery related industry partners to share their stories and gain access to new markets. As the first international jewellery show in Penang, it can easily propel the profile of exhibiters to a new global level and then gain recognition and acceptance within the jewellery industry. Come grab the opportunity and exhibit the gamut of exquisite jewellery collections at the exclusive jewellery show in Malaysia. Register here